Vol. 1, Issue 2  |   06.2006

Whether your project is large or small, the end game should be the same -- to create more than you expected. That’s what we call “Building Potential®”.

Our belief is that each building project presents an opportunity to achieve something greater.

Whether it is a new Cathouse, which inspired the Austin Humane Society to rethink the needs of the animals and the public they serve, to the creation of a new City Hall for Edinburg Texas, which is poised to re-invigorate the City’s identity (see Project Spotlight)... we bring the full spectrum of our resources and capabilities to helping our clients realize their vision — and much more.

— TAG International, LLP

7 Steps to Building Potential®
How to Maximize Value in your Next Project

STEP 2: Site Evaluation and Land Planning

Rule of Thumb: Know the lay of the land.

This crucial step is where vision meets reality, as you shift from strategy to execution. Regardless of the nature of the project, your site selection should start with a comprehensive review and clarification of your specific site requirements and constraints.

The foundation of this review is an understanding how the site will align with your business strategy and operational objectives, combined with technical knowledge and a common sense assessment of the land conditions.

In identifying and evaluating sites, there are many factors with long-term implications to consider beyond the asking price – including future convertibility, logistical and regulatory issues, traffic patterns, and topography – all of which impact the cost to develop the land and maintain the site. Once the site has been selected and the site parameters determined, skillful land planning is essential for optimizing the usability of the site.

Above all, effective site evaluation and land planning require a willingness to think creatively – and to add greater value by discovering the unseen potential of a site. This big picture view, combined with a respect for the land and its natural conditions, will put you on the path to realizing the full potential of your project.

Project Spotlight

Edinburg City Hall – Edinburg, Texas

When the City of Edinburg decided to build a new City Hall, their primary goals were to consolidate administrative offices and establish a place for City Council to meet; however, they also wanted to strengthen the City’s identity and encourage new development in the downtown area.

The City selected TAG International to help meet these objectives. TAG worked closely with the City to define and expand their vision of what could be achieved in this project.

TAG recognized the physical and symbolic importance of key historical places within the City and used the City Hall project to link those elements together, as part of a larger vision. The City Hall design became the nexus of a master planning effort to re-invigorate the downtown area and provide a multi-functional venue for community participation. Ultimately, TAG helped the City create a project that encompasses an innovative gathering place that will be a source of pride for the City and a new epicenter for cultural and civic activities.

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