Vol. 1, Issue 5  |   03.2007

Achieving your goals in the execution of your building project is not just a matter of “doing things right” — it’s about “doing the right things.”

At TAG, we believe that the most important aspect of project management is perspective — having a true understanding of the project’s purpose and how to achieve it.

Bringing your project vision to life, and navigating the many complexities of project management, requires a unique blend of strategic insight and tactical know-how. The ability to guide and integrate each element of the building process — from planning, to design, to construction — is essential for ensuring that your project’s full potential is realized.

— TAG International, LLP

7 Steps to Building Potential®
How to Maximize Value in your Next Project

Step 5: Project Management

Rule of Thumb: Get It Done.

Effective project management takes you from concept to completion as efficiently, painlessly and cost-effectively as possible.

Skillful project management entails the synchronized direction of personnel, money, materials, and equipment to meet your defined project goals. Finding the right combination of experience and expertise for your project team allows you to leverage the unique strengths of each player for achieving success in project execution.

Bringing people and materials together in a well-managed sequence of events entails the orchestration and coordination of a spectrum of decisions and tasks, all moving in parallel. Managing the various aspects of your project — smoothly and efficiently — requires open, collaborative communication in which each team member has a shared understanding of the project's purpose.

Throughout project execution, significant focus must be applied to monitoring the project schedule and budget, ensuring that each of these critical components is well-managed and maximized. Ultimately, project management is about applying solid business acumen and anticipating and removing roadblocks, so that your project objectives are realized — on time and in budget.

Project Spotlight

Perlos Manufacturing Facility — Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

When Perlos Corporation — a global design and manufacturing partner for the telecommunications and electronics industries — decided to pursue its first venture into Mexico, the company selected TAG International to lead the project.

With extensive experience in designing and building industrial manufacturing facilities, an understanding of Mexican building customs and requirements, and a proven track record in managing Mexico-based building ventures, TAG provided the optimal combination of capabilities and services for the Perlos project.

TAG’s expertise in these areas was invaluable in helping Perlos plan and build the facility as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Due to TAG’s specialized know-how and vigilance in managing the project, Perlos realized savings that exceeded the cost of TAG’s services by 23%. As a result, Perlos’ investment in having TAG as its Mexico building partner more than paid for itself.

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