Vol. 1, Issue 6  |   06.2007

At TAG, we specialize in planning, designing and managing a wide array of projects from public sector and medical to biotech, retail and industrial manufacturing facilities. But, at the heart of all our building ventures is the understanding that for you – the client – it’s not really about the building.

What’s most important is your operation – how your business or organization functions.

We believe that a successful building project is one that translates your unique processes and workflow into a well-conceived, optimally designed facility that not only supports your operation, but enhances it.

— TAG International, LLP

7 Steps to Building Potential®
How to Maximize Value in your Next Project

Step 6: Process Management

Rule of Thumb: Integrate.

Well-designed and integrated facilities and processes are important elements in achieving operational effectiveness.

Process management creates efficiency and synergy by integrating a spectrum of elements – including equipment, people, products, systems, space, and infrastructure – in a well-orchestrated flow. Achieving an optimal operational flow requires a broad-picture view, as well as a detailed understanding, of your business processes.

As businesses grow and expand, operational processes often take shape in an ad hoc fashion and are “force fit” into the current environment or building structure. These processes are frequently inadequate for achieving real efficiencies or delivering the agility needed to respond quickly to changing market conditions or customer demands.

Effective process management, and corresponding design considerations, can play a vital role in allowing you to streamline operations and increase flexibility. The way your equipment should ideally function, as well as the supporting utilities and infrastructure required, must also be understood and integrated into the overall environment to ensure their proper implementation and ongoing productivity.

Project Spotlight

Genlyte and CFAN Manufacturing Facilities — San Marcos, Texas

While Genlyte, a lighting fixture manufacturer, and CFAN, a manufacturer of composite parts for the aerospace industry, create significantly different products, their challenge was the same – how to rapidly expand their production facilities while streamlining their processes and dramatically improving efficiency.

Both companies selected TAG International as part of their expansion project team.

The Genlyte project entailed the creation of a new manufacturing facility that would allow the company to relocate and effectively integrate two disparate divisions, while maintaining each division’s individual identity. The CFAN project, on the other hand, required the re-configuration and expansion of an existing facility — doubling square footage and more than quadrupling production capacity — without interrupting current production requirements and meeting tight delivery schedules.

In both scenarios, TAG provided the essential knowledge and proven expertise needed to meet each company’s unique goals and operational requirements. Using lean manufacturing principles, TAG employed a fast-tracked approach that enabled CFAN and Genlyte to grow their production capabilities rapidly, while achieving dramatically new levels of efficiency.

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