Vol. 1, Issue 7  |   12.2007

This issue brings our attention, once again, to the underlying philosophy behind the Building Potential concept and TAG International’s approach to each and every project — our belief that a facility is never "just a building."

Your facility has a lifespan that continues long after the building process is complete. If the facility is a true reflection of your business, as it ideally should be, it must evolve in tandem as your vision, goals, strategies and day-to-day operations evolve.

TAG’s Building Potential process provides a comprehensive approach for creating a flexible, adaptable facility uniquely designed to be a strategic asset — from the initial concept phase to the ongoing management and evolution of the facility over time.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you new ideas and insights in future issues of the Building Potential newsletter.   

— TAG International, LLP

7 Steps to Building Potential®
How to Maximize Value in your Next Project

Step 7: Facility Management

7Rule of Thumb: Take it to the next level. 

Managing the ongoing lifespan of your facility necessitates the periodic evaluation of how your facility is serving your business today, as well as how it serves you in meeting your future goals.

Post occupancy evaluations can play an important role in helping you test your initial design assumptions to determine if your facility is operating as planned, or if it should be modified to achieve its full potential.

Often, as business processes change, improvements are needed that require modifications to the building structure, or supporting utilities, to accommodate new efficiencies or adjustments in operational workflow. Current drawings of your buildings – with up-to-date modifications – should be maintained to reflect new additions or changes to your facility. Some facilities may also require the creation of design guidelines and criteria for tenants such as signage, graphics, landscaping and other requirements.

Having a well-defined and executed facilities management plan, including documented maintenance criteria and schedules, can provide tremendous value in maintaining a fully functional, well-tuned operation.

Project Spotlight

ETS Lindgren — Cedar Park, Texas

Due to the rapidly-changing nature of the company’s operations,  ETS-Lindgren required an innovative, highly flexible manufacturing approach that would accommodate evolving processes, new efficiencies and constant changes in operational workflow.

The company selected TAG International to help them establish their corporate headquarters and manufacturing capability, based in Cedar Park Texas. This state-of-the-art facility successfully translated ETS-Lindgren’s unique requirements into a highly agile, world-class manufacturing operation designed for maximum flexibility over the short-term, as well as the long-term.

When ETS-Lindgren decided to integrate its newly acquired manufacturing company into the Cedar Park-based operation, the company enlisted TAG to design and implement the facility expansion. The phase II project, now underway, will allow the company to accommodate and integrate a variety of new processes, as well as achieve efficiency by sharing various overhead functions and support services across new and existing operations.

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