Vol. 2, Issue 1  |   04.2008

Welcome to Volume 2 of the Building Potential Newsletter.

In this newsletter series, we will continue to bring you new insights and ideas for maximizing value in all of your building endeavors. Over the next several months, we will focus on a specific area of growing interest to our clients, as well as companies around the globe – maximizing green building potential.

At TAG International, green building concepts are fundamental to our approach for one simple reason… it just makes good business sense.

We believe that every project has "green potential"; however, not all green approaches are right for all businesses. The key is uncovering the green strategies that work for you – strategies designed to meet your unique business needs and operational objectives.

Understanding green building principles – and applying them in innovative, practical ways specifically designed for your business — will enable you to realize your ultimate building potential and achieve greater return on investment.

— TAG International, LLP

Maximizing Your Green Building Potential®

Industry Focus: Industrial Manufacturing

On the surface, it may seem that industrial manufacturing does not inherently “lend itself” to the incorporation of green principles. Yet, in reality, the underlying business goals and objectives that drive industrial manufacturing operations are often very complementary with green concepts.

Most industrial manufacturers have an innate need to maximize their economy of resources. The root word of economy — eco — is the basis of all green building concepts. Thus, the seemingly disparate worlds of manufacturing and green actually share a common foundation.

In manufacturing operations, achieving economy of resources entails streamlining the manufacturing process, minimizing the "ingredients" required and reducing the waste and byproducts produced in manufacturing processes. While these choices offer obvious benefits for the manufacturer, such as reduced overhead and lower production costs, they can also offer significant ecological benefits.

In designing and building manufacturing facilities, green principles provide strong insight into proven, highly efficient approaches that can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line, in both the short term and the long term. This is especially true in lean manufacturing operations.

Cost-effective design choices — such as maximizing space utilization to create a facility with a reduced footprint, managing construction waste, sourcing regional materials and components (which reduces shipping cost), and reducing energy and water consumption — can result in larger profits while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.

Project Spotlight

HelioVolt, Austin, Texas

HelioVolt, one of the renewable energy industry's most innovative technology leaders, selected TAG International as part of its design build team to establish the company's first full-scale manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

Working in collaboration with HelioVolt and Harvey-Cleary Builders, TAG will play an instrumental role in creating a manufacturing facility that produces highly efficient thin film solar energy products aimed at revolutionizing the solar energy industry. This state-of-the-art facility will deliver major advances in thin film technologies and transform traditional solar energy manufacturing processes.

TAG's understanding of green design principles, agility and expertise in creating custom-designed manufacturing processes will enable the company to assist HelioVolt in aligning their design choices with their vision.

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